Tell us your “pan-demic” story.

Baking supplies – pans, yeast, even flour – have become hot commodites during this crazy time. Supply chain disruption? Perhaps. Stress-baking? No doubt. The need to get back to basics? More time alone at home? Reconnecting via family recipies?

In any case, we’d love to hear your covid story and how baking is getting you through. Help us capture this moment with stories from all corners of the globe! Submit your story and recipe for a chance to be included in a global, collaborative cookbook effort that aims to inspire and connect us through our bellies – and hearts.

Nominate Someone

Do you know someone who’s story resonated with you? Who had never baked until Covid? Who has survived their world being turned upside down? Who has gone above and beyond to help others during this time? Who had the most impressive baking fail you’ve ever seen, but tried again with success?

Share our submission page to let them know their experience would inspire others!

About Us

Our Inspiration

Bread in the time of Covid was initially inspired by our neighbour’s front-door cookie dropoffs, the frustration in the vanilla extract shortage, professional chef home how-to videos, the plethora of insta #bakingfails, and the expanding amount of baked goods (and, we admit, accompanied waistbands) in our own homes.

But what really made the idea worthwhile was the people and stories behind the perfectly-done sourdough bread, exploding microwave mug cakes, and great-grandma’s date squares. Food has a unique power to explore history, unite us across cultures and locations, and inspire us to share our life experiences.